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Blanket / Throw ~ Shikra ~ Sage, Indigo or Charcoal

Blanket / Throw ~ Shikra ~ Sage, Indigo or Charcoal

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Throw / Blanket / Rug - Handmade in India, available in Sage, Indigo and Charcoal.

An evening sitting in the garden with friends - drinking wine, nibbling on a barbeque sausage, and watching the sun go down.  All is perfect until you start to feel a little chilly - you don't want to go indoors and break the mood, but it won't be long before you start to shiver.  Avert this crisis with a Shikra throw/blanket - it's perfect for summer evenings; just wrap it around you and you'll be able to enjoy the outdoors for that little bit longer. Versatile enough to use as a picnic rug too!

The Shikra throws (named after the cutest little bird found in India) are all supplied by a certified Fair Trade source. 

100% Cotton


Softness rating: