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Retro Mugs ~ Midcentury Modern ~ Richard Lang ~ Snowbunting

Retro Mugs ~ 'Midcentury' Inspired Designs

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Retro Mugs Inspired by Designs from the 50s-70s.

Buy singly or as a set of three.

'Midcentury Modern' design is all the rage at the moment, with people spending their weekends at car boot sales tracking down the perfect 1960s Eames Chair to mix in with their modern room scheme.  Get a taste of the look without leaving the comfort of your own home with these retro designed mugs - the shape, the patterns, the orange couldn't be more retro if you dressed as Elvis whilst watching a James Dean movie.

Available to buy singly or as a set of three - there are also jugs available in the same patterns.

Size: 8cm tall; diameter 10cm at base

Dishwasher safe