Christmas Cushion Cover ~ Robin

Christmas Cushion Cover ~ Robin

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Cosy Christmas Cushion Cover featuring a festive Robin.

A genius idea!  It's nice to sprinkle a few festive-themed decorations around the house at Christmas, and one or two Christmassy cushions can cheer up the most 'Bah-Humbug' of sofas.  However....once twelfth night approaches and you have to put everything away for several months, finding room for a couple of cushions can be more of a pain than taking down holly without wearing gloves.

Fear not....we have a cunning plan!  Simply zip one of these Robin cushion covers OVER THE TOP of one of your existing cushions, and then once the season is over all you need to do is unzip the cover, fold it up, and smile smugly at how easy it is to store.

Aside from the amazing idea, the cushion cover is also rather splendid.  It features a cheerful applique robin on a chocolate brown herringbone background (the same herringbone pattern is on the reverse side of the cushion).

Size 45cm square

Cover only; no insert is included