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Leaf Pattern Ceramic Vases in Green or Grey (Light & Living)

Leaf Pattern Ceramic Vases ~ Green or Grey

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Ceramic Vases in Green or Grey with Leaf Pattern.

We've been puzzling over exactly what leaf is featured in the pattern of these vases.  We perhaps ought to watch Gardener's World more often as our combined horticultural knowledge would fit on the handle of a very small trowel - the best we can come up with is 'some sort of fern'.  Perhaps you know better?  If you've got Alan Titchmarsh on speed dial you couldn't ask him for us, could you?

What we can say, without fear of contradiction, is that these vases are rather splendid.  The larger grey vase has a matt finish, whilst the smaller green one has a much shinier complexion.

Sizes: 12.5 x 17.5cm (Grey) & 13 x 13cm (Green)