Millennial Pink Glass Tealight Holder

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Glass Tealight Holder in Millennial Pink.

Do you think there is an office full of people who decide which colours are going to be 'on trend' for the next few years?  Do they pore over Dulux-like colour charts and after long deliberations suddenly decree that in 2020 everyone will be sitting on deep purple sofas and painting their walls bright turquoise? 

Whoever 'they' are, when they decided a year or so ago that 'Millennial Pink' was most definitely A Thing they certainly tapped into something as it's still going strong.  Maybe it's because it goes so well with the pale grey colour schemes beloved of so many of us or perhaps pink has finally thrown off the Barbie/Katie Price connotations? 

Whatever the reason, just trust us: this chunky glass tealight/candle holder will give off a warm glow yet be incredibly cool at exactly the same time.

Size: 9 x 9.5cm