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Crackle Glaze Old-Style Dutch Pots Blue ~ by Grand Illusions

Old-Style Crackle Glaze Blue Pots

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Crackle-Glazed Blue Pots in Vintage-Style.

If you are a lover of all things shabby chic, and prefer your home accessories to look as if they have been passed down through the generations, then these Old-Style Pots should fit the bill.  Designed as if your Great-Great-Aunt Ermintrude left them to you in her will, these ceramic pots have been hand painted in a blue crackle-glaze, with any imperfections left to give an aged look, and to ensure that no two pots are exactly the same.

Four shades of blue to choose from.

Size: 14cm x 14cm x 12cm  (will fit a 12cm diameter pot)

Please note: the pots do not have a drainage hole in the base, and are therefore more suitable for indoor use.