Sass & Belle Pastel Retro Measuring Cups

Retro Pastel Measuring Cups ~ Set of Four

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Set of Four Retro Measuring Cups from Sass & Belle.

Are you puzzled when confronted with a recipe that measures in 'cups'?  Do you scratch your head wondering if you should use a dainty teacup or a big mug?

Wonder no more!  Your problems are solved.....and in a particularly stylish fashion.

This set of four stoneware retro-style measuring cups from our friends at Sass & Belle will add a touch of pastel charm to your kitchen.  We can't promise they will elevate your cakes to Bake Off standards, but we can promise that they will look gorgeous on a shelf!

*  Each cup features a practical lip for pouring liquids

*  Four cup sizes: full, half, third and a quarter

*  Each cup stacks neatly inside the other when not in use.

Size (when stacked): 15cm x 11cm x 7cm