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Wooden Lid Pop Jar Scented Candle 325ml ~ Pink Fizz & Grapefruit ~ Heaven Scent

Scented Candle Jar with Wooden Lid ~ 325ml

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Snowbunting Scented Candle Jar with Wooden Lid ~ available in Pink Fizz & Grapefruit, Jasmine & Orange, or White Jasmine.

We've been keen to launch our own range of scented candles for some time, but have been very fussy about choosing a partner for the project.  We wanted candles that used natural wax (no animal or petroleum products), were hand made in the UK, and which were in containers that would be useful objects in their own right once the candle had finished.

We were beyond delighted, therefore, to find a candle maker that ticked all our boxes!  Made in Wiltshire, these candle jars not only smell gorgeous, they also look very stylish - and we are sure you will be able to think of several uses for the jars with their distinctive wooden lids once the candle has burned away.

Available in three fragrances, you can choose from fresh and citrus (Pink Fizz & Grapefruit); winter-with-hint-of-Christmas (Jasmine & Orange); or floral (White Jasmine)

325ml (approx 50 hour burn time).