Jute storage bags ~ Zakka

Small Jute Storage Bags ~ Set of Two

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Set of two small jute 'zakka' style storage bags.

If you are scratching your head at the word 'zakka', then you are not alone - when we sourced these incredibly handy little bags we didn't know what it was either!  It's a Japanese term which (very roughly) translates as 'pleasure in the mundane, miscellaneous things' - with specific reference to home accessories.

'Ah!' we thought.  We get it now - these bags are simple, jute storage bags with a handy hook if you want to hang them on a peg and we can think of lots of ways they can be used: pens, letters, etc on a desk; cotton wool balls on a dressing table; a small plant on the window sill - or perhaps they would be useful for storing craft items?

What makes them 'zakka' - we think - is the pretty lining, which certainly upgrades them from the mundane.  Choose from striped (you'll receive 1 x red/white striped + 1 x black/white striped bag) or spotty (you'll receive 1 x grey/white spot and 1 x sand/white spot).


Striped bags ~ 12cm high; 16cm diameter

Spotty bags ~ 13cm high; 16cm diameter