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Beach Hut Chic: Nautical but Nice

Hengistbury Head Beach near Mudeford

A gorgeous sunny winter’s day and a stroll along the beach at Hengistbury Head near Bournemouth.  If you’ve never been here it’s definitely worth a visit – the five minute ferry ride from Mudeford Quay took us to a pristine white sand beach backed by dunes and lined with a gorgeous row of beach huts. 

Beach Huts at Hengistbury Head, near Mudeford

And not just any old beach huts either.  No rusty weatherbeaten old shacks here.  Instead a collection of mini-palaces, with brightly painted facades and well maintained decks – but what was inside?  It was difficult to see: although the sun was shining it was still a cold February day and the owners were all curled up at home in front of their Agas.  Interiors were covered in dust sheets, and many of the windows were boarded up; waiting for Easter when traditionally the Beach Hut Brigade descend en masse to shake out the sand and get ready for summer.

I had to turn to the wonderful world of google to discover just what could be hiding behind the boards…

Would it be a ‘traditional’ seaside-themed décor?

Beach Hut interior -

 (Photo from

Or would the owners have opted for a more modern look?

Beach Hut interiors

 (Photo from

How about embracing Shaker style?

Beach Hut interiors

 (Photo from

Many of the Hengistbury Head beach huts have a mezzanine level and can be used for sleepovers….

Hengistbury Head Beach Hut ~

 ….imagine waking up to that view!

Want to create your own beach hut but live miles from the sea?  How about converting your garden shed

From this.....

Garden shed to Beach Hut makeover

To this.....

Garden shed to beach hut makeover

...and finally to this:

Garden shed to beach hut makeover

 (Photos from

Or of course you could save up/win the lottery and buy a beach hut of your own.  The Hengistbury Head beach huts are among the most expensive in the country – this one was for sale last summer.

Beach Hut for Sale Hengistbury Head, Mudeford

(Photo from BBC News)

A snip at £280,000!!

Yes that's right - £280,000 asking price.  I'm off to work out how many trips to the Maldives that sum would pay for......



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