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"I Know What Goes With Stuff": Interior Design Tips from Liam Gallagher

The first in an occasional series of celebrity interior design advice

Part 1: Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher ~ BBC Radio 2 Jo Whiley

It’s bizarre what you can find when poking about in the bowels of the BBC iPlayer – and today was no exception.  Former Oasis front man Liam Gallagher was recently interviewed by Jo Whiley for her Radio 2 show, where the conversation took an unexpected turn – Liam revealed that he’s recently bought a new home, and that he’s ‘good at the interiors, man – I’ve got a bit of an eye for it’.

Intrigued as to what Liam’s taste may be, I listened on – where he revealed that ‘I’m a curtains guy’ and that his top tip for carpeting (he is apparently not a wooden floors kind of chap) is to go for leopard print as it gives ‘an Elvis-y vibe’.  He prefers plain walls to wallpaper, likes a black velvet curtain and is thinking of installing a copper roof.

John Lennon self portrait

He’s also a keen collector of art – his prize possessions are (surprise surprise) a couple of original John Lennon sketches,  one of which was given to him by Yoko Ono.  His favourite is a drawing of Lennon sitting in a cloud with two cats - Liam is also a cat lover, and the proud owner of two white Persian moggies called Mick & Keith (presumably he's used up all the Beatles names on previous pets and his children).

So what will the inside of the new Gallagher residence look when it’s finished?  We may have to wait for a ten page colour spread in Hello magazine to find out, but if these photos of the New York apartment he sold back in 2014 are anything to go by, it would appear that his tasted hasn’t changed that much:

 Liam Gallagher New York Apartment sold 2014


Liam Gallagher New York apartment sold 2014


Liam Gallagher New York Apartment sold 2014

(photos from

His new home is in Highgate, and he’s aware that some might say* that he’s lowered the tone of the neighbourhood.  He has a cunning plan to win over the neighbours, however – he plans to "invite them over for halloumi" once he’s settled in.


*sorry – I tried so hard to avoid any Oasis puns but it was too tempting!


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