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Interior Design Masters ~ BBC2 ~ Episode Two

The Chocolate Hotel

In which Frank gets his Snickers in a Twist, Terian stages a mutiny on the Bounty, and Cassie’s Victorian boudoir causes a Ripple of amusement.

We’ll stop the chocolate puns there, we promise.  Well we promise to try…..

Interior Design Masters ~ BBC2 ~ Episode 2

Presenter Fearne Cotton with Head Judge Michelle Ogundehim

This week the nine aspiring designers left in the competition were each tasked with updating a hotel bedroom in Bournemouth’s Chocolate Hotel.  Grouped into three teams (Dark, Milk and White), the designers were asked to showcase their individual style but to also incorporate a chocolate theme.

To say that Team Milk Chocolate – which included Frank, a 22 year old long on self confidence and short on people skills (‘I think my room is the best in the hotel’) didn’t exactly gel would be an understatement.  Frank dismissed Terian’s neon scheme as like ‘staying in a Stabilo highlighter pack', prompting one wag on Twitter to comment that ‘Frank’s signature style seems to be insufferable bell end’.  Terian responded by ignoring Frank and painting the ceiling bright orange anyway.  Cassie, the third member of Team Milk Chocolate chose to interpret the brief as a green light to turn the room into a Victorian-style homage to Dr. Crippen’s bedroom by draping every bit of old fabric she could find over the bed, topping it off with what looked like a collection of her great great grandmother’s bloomers.

Teams White and Dark Chocolate, by contrast, all worked smoothly and without too much incident (although Ju’s Portugal-meets-English-country-garden-by-way-of-a-Persian-market scheme merits a mention), and Trish of last week’s baby blue crisis decided to spend most of the budget on a new carpet and then decorate the rest with some tat she’d found at a car boot sale.

Interior Design Masters ~ BBC2 ~ Episode 2

Cassie's Victorian Boudoir

Enter the judges, and after last week’s appearance by Matthew Williamson, we were slightly underwhelmed by the appearance of ‘internationally renowned designer’ Jade Jagger.  Presumably, like Trish, the producers had already blown the budget and so asked presenter Fearne Cotton to dig out her Rolling Stones address book (it could have been worse, we could have had Charlie Watts’ cleaning lady).

Cassie and her Victorian bloomers came in for the most criticism – when asked how she thought all her dust-collecting drapery would be cleaned, she replied ‘does it NEED cleaning?’, prompting Jade to remind her that THIS WAS A HOTEL.  Inexplicably, however, Cassie was reprieved when Head Judge Michelle Ogundehin decided that Trish should be eliminated, leaving (After) eight remaining in the contest. 

Are you still loving the show?  I'm positively Revelling in it.





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