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Interior Design Masters ~ BBC2 ~ Episode Eight (The Final)

Interior Design Masters Episode 8 ~ Upmarket Apartments

The final.

Frank (best known for making bitchy comments about Cassie) versus Cassie (best known for winding up Frank).  Who will win the commercial contract of their dreams?  Who will be re-designing a swanky London hotel bar?  The nation held it’s breath.

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

Head Judge Michelle Ogundehin

This week’s challenge was to re-design two ‘upmarket apartments’ in a mill conversion in Manchester.  Each apartment had two bedrooms and an open-plan kitchen/lounge to make over, and each designer was given a budget of £8,000 and the assistance of one of the previously rejected would-be designers.  The advice given by Head Judge Michelle Ogundehin was to ‘remember it’s the client’s home and not your own’ (useful) and ‘immerse yourself in the space’ (not quite so useful).

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

Frank's blank canvas

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

Cassie's apartment ready for it's 'Boho Chic Neutral' makeover

Frank’s client wanted a Scandi design but with a homely feel.  Frank was worried about making it ‘too trendy for her’, and with this patronising tone set about plastering one of the bedrooms with wild wallpaper.  Cassie’s clients were a couple expecting their first baby who wanted ‘Boho Chic Neutral’, which Cassie interpreted as ‘terracotta walls with lots of old tat strewn around’.  Her clients, who had obviously not seen the earlier Victorian Bloomers episode, said that they had complete trust in her.

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

Cassie's master bedroom 'before'

Frank chose Kyle to be his assistant – a job which mainly seemed to consist of chasing up the non-delivery of the living room curtains.  Cassie chose Nicki, and got her onside immediately by complimenting her hair.

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

Cassie's kitchen plans

There was lots to do and they set about the tasks with gusto.  Frank designed a covered bedhead, but declared that an integral part of this design ‘looks like a bum hole’ and had to make changes.  Frank also mis-measured the amount of lino needed for the kitchen, and Kyle was still on the phone chasing the curtains.  So far, so Frank. 

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

Guest Judges Matthew Williamson...

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

....and Naomi Cleaver

Cassie was far more organised, having made several drawings, plans and lists and there was little jeopardy that the producers could inject – other than a surprise visit from the homeowners who were slightly perturbed by the terracotta overkill in the master bedroom.

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

The terracotta bedroom

With an hour to go, Frank’s curtains finally arrived – at which point he told Wayne the workman that all that was needed now was to ‘make a pelmet, put it up, paint it, and hang the curtains’.  Wayne’s expression was more priceless than a Ming vase.

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

Frank's kitchen/lounge makeover

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

The paltry book storage (and can someone please explain to me why the current trend is to store your books back to front?)

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

Frank's spare bedroom (did we mention he loves wallpaper?)

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

Frank's main bedroom - the client loved it!

The judges – a threesome this time including Matthew Williamson and Naomi Cleaver – were initially impressed with all the rooms.  Their main objection to Cassie’s scheme was that she hadn’t factored in any storage for the amount of baby stuff that her clients were about to gather; and although they liked Frank’s designs, they felt that he had not given his bookworm client enough storage space for his paperbacks.

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

Cassie's lounge/kitchen/diner

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

The kitchen makeover - featuring an island made from what looked like old pallets (not entirely sure this will prove to be toddler-friendly)

Both designers were grilled as to their shortcomings – Cassie appearing not to have a clue about where to store pushchairs, toys, etc; and Frank admitting that he’d run out of money and so couldn’t include the bookshelves and reading area he’d originally planned.

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

All the rejected designers were back for the Big Reveal

I think this lack of planning sealed Frank’s fate.  The judges awarded the win to Cassie, and I believe that the main reason for this was that they were confident she could produce a finished scheme, on time, and within budget.  Even if Frank did think that Cassie’s bedroom was ‘horrid’.

Interior Design Masters ~ Episode 8 ~ BBC 2

The winner!

So what do we think about Interior Design Masters?  Worth another series next year?  I think the jury’s still out on that one.



  • Hi there ,I loved the wallpaper frank used for the spare room in the Manchester apartment for the final , where is it from ?
    Many thanks

    Rachel Davis
  • Hi Nicky -

    Shame we missed conversing during the run of the show (we will have to make up for it if they bring it back again next year). I’m intrigued as to how Cassie’s prize-winning design will go; not sure a swanky London hotel bar will be the best place for her mix of vintage and home-made! I was won over by Fearne too – she didn’t make the show all about her*, and easily slipped into the role of facilitator/supportive chum.

    As for Michelle Ogundehin – other than it’s of Nigerian origin, I have no idea of the meaning of her name (although suspect it might be ‘well dressed but formidable lady’).

    Mel x

    *unlike a certain Mr. Llewellyn-Bowen….

    Melanie at Snowbunting
  • Oh why didn’t I discover this blog at the time of viewing?! The family always mock my addiction to these programmes so it would have been great to ‘share’ in real time (nope, I still won’t go on Twitter!) Fern Cotton is a bête noir of mine, along with Edith Bowman – vacuous wannabe Jo Whileys without the substance or brain, and I’m even going off Jo these days – BUT she won me over completely, prob cos she toned herself down, was a perfect presenter who listened to the experts and supported the contestants, and wore fab outfits. Am a huge fan of all the experts, even/esp Laurence and Mary and just need to know the ethnic derivation of Michelle’s surname!

    I loved Kyle and Frank lots (daughter says I have a problem with women – if they’re like Cassie, yes I do!!) I felt they’d chosen Cassie for her superb sartorial style rather than her design ability – I actively disliked most of her work and would never engage her as a designer. Nicki should probably have won, if she could tone down the ‘dressing’ but as she already has a lovely family and a house in North London, she probably has enough!

    Not sure any of them were in the same league as those on Interior Design Challenge (LOVED that series!) but I really enjoyed the series and hope/expect it’ll be back. If it is, I’ll certainly be following this wonderful blog!

    Nicky Briggs

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