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Short-lived Home Accessories Trends - 2021

Which fads crashed and burned during 2021?

According to Ideal Home, recent analysis by Atlas Ceramics using Google search data has unearthed which popular Home Accessories trends rapidly gained and equally rapidly lost traction during last year.  Ready to find out whether any of your new acquisitions made the Top Five??

  1. Female body-shaped candles

Body candles available from Etsy


2. Vases shaped like bottoms

Butt Vase - £360, Harvey Nichols


3.  Rattan Furniture

Photo from CNN


4.  Twisted Candles

Twisted Candles available from Etsy


5.  Bust-Shaped Vases

Bust Vase - £60.00 from Graham & Green

Three of the five items relate to ‘body’ shaped candles and vases, which makes me wonder if many of them were purchased as gifts rather than it being driven by customers buying for their own home?  Although admittedly I don't know anyone that would spend £360 in Harvey Nichols on a bottom-shaped vase for me!  Rattan furniture demand may be a seasonal thing, with lockdown restrictions causing people to spend more on their gardens, erect summer houses, or refurbish their conservatories…..but I am at a loss to explain the sudden rise and fall in the demand for twisted candles!! 

We haven’t stocked any of these items at Snowbunting – but saw lots of the body-shaped candles and vases at various trade shows in 2021.  We were at a trade show at the NEC a couple of weeks ago, however, and like moustaches, flamingos, llamas, and pineapples in years gone by, the trend seems to have definitely peaked.

What do you think?  Did you buy any of the items above?  What other recent trends are you now over?

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